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Given the number of faculty in the CAIDe Lab, we are often involved in a variety of research projects. Here are a few examples of projects that highlight our work.

One of our ongoing projects is a longitudinal survey to assess individuals' perception of the Coronavirus over time. Our project’s goal is to study how people perceive and react to this crisis, what information they attend to, who they trust (and do not trust), how risk gets amplified across people, and how this crisis affects future plans, what decisions they make (e.g., about preventive and treatment options, food they eat, people they avoid) and support for policies made by the government. In other words, we will study how people’s feelings and behaviors in a real-time emergency change over time. We will also test whether changing someone’s feelings will alter decisions that they make. This is an ongoing project, more information to be posted as study progresses.

A study on dehumanization of immigrants by Dr. Dave Markowitz found that people who dehumanize immigrants have specific social, psychological, and demographic markers. It is important to identify these characteristics and develop efforts to mitigate cruelty around the world. Read more about the study here.

A study on smoking warning labels by Dr. Brittany Shoots-Reinhard had smokers view tobacco warnings with numeric risk information. Those higher in numeracy had superior memory of risk probabilities and outcomes, which related to greater risk perceptions and quit intentions. Read more about the study here.

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