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COVID-19 Pandemic

Numbers can trip you up during the pandemic – here are 4 tips to help you figure out tricky stats (2021, April 27th)

Source: The Conversation

Because Leaders Need to Know how to Lead with Evidence (2021, April 20th)

Source: Why Social Science

To tackle pandemic, Biden must overcome distrust and division (2020, November 13th)

Source: Science Magazine

No ‘get out of COVID-jail free card’: Why you should take test results with a grain of salt (2020, November 2nd)

Source: Daily Emerald

UO professor tweets to spread awareness about COVID-19 risks (2020, October 23rd)

Source: Kezi news

Employers Need to Reinvent Retiring-Savings Match (2020, October 19th)

Source: Harvard Business Review

Gov. Kate Brown's eyes are on Lane County (2020, October 16th)

Source: Eugene Weekly

If I am already dizzy from all the corona numbers, how is that for people who are less good with numbers? (2020, October 16th)

Source: deVolkskrant

Are you immune if you test positive for COVID-19 antibodies? (2020, October 8th)

Source: Museum of Natural and Cultural History - Ideas on Tap

Getting COVID Isn't Cool (2020, October 8th)

Source: Eugene Weekly

Five UO Experts on COVID-19 (2020, July 15th)

Source: University of Oregon

Keynote: Statistics stalking and the highly numerate in the time of COVID-19 (2020, July 16th)

Source: Virtual Media Psychology Symposium

Confusion Reigns Nationwide Amid Conflicting Coronavirus Rules (2020 July 26th)

Source: National Public Radio

In Pandemic, Green Doesn't Mean "Go". How Did Public Health Guidance Get So Muddled? (2020, August 4th)

Source: NPR

Life is Now a Game of Risk, Here is How your Brain is Processing It (2020, August 4th)

Source: Elemental

Why are we so confused about what is safe? How did the message get so muddled? (2020, July 13th)

Source: WHYY News

How the Psychology of Pandemic Behavior Can Help Guide Containment Strategies (2020, Jun 29th)

Source: KQED News

For This Psychologist, the Coronavirus Offers a Unique Opportunity to Study Ourselves (2020, May 21st)

Source: Discover Magazine

Returning to Normal Mindset May Be Difficult After Pandemic (2020, April 24th)

Source: KEZI News

Social Scientists Scramble to Study Pandemic, in Real Time (2020, April 8th)

Source: Science Magazine

Is Obsessing Over Daily Coronavirus Statistics Counterproductive? (2020, March 12th)

Source: The New York Times

Americans Still Trust Doctors and Scientists During a Public Health Crisis (2020, March 3rd)

Source: The Conversation Magazine

Graphic Warning Labels on Cigarette Packages

Smokers Good at Math are More Likely to Want to Quit (2020, June 22nd)

Source: Ohio State News

Let Smokers See the Warning They Need (2016, June 3)
Source: The New York Times.

Shocking images on cigarette packs can impact smoking behaviour: U.S. study (2016, January 3)
Source: CTV News.

Graphic cigarette labels really do work (2016, January 4)
Source: Philadelphia Inquirer.

Smokers are more likely to quit if they see disgusting images of what smoking does (2015, December 23)
Source: New York Daily News.

Smoking bans, taxes encourage quitting, study finds (2015, December 23)
Source: Columbus Dispatch.

Graphic Warnings on Cigarettes Help Smokers Consider Quitting (2015, December 23)
Source: U.S. News & World Report.


Medical Decision Making

Choice of Prophylactic Mastectomy Driven Strongly by Emotion: Randomized Controlled Trial Shows Fear and Anxiety Increase Perceived Risk of Recurrence (2020, October 19th)

Source: Clinical Oncology News

Fear of math is harmful to your health.  This woman wants to help.  (2018, June 29)
Source: Philadelphia Inquirer.

Ebola cases lead to hysteria, fake reports of virus. (2014, October 28)
Source: The Lantern.

How can medical information best be presented? (2014, October 23)
Source: Vaccines Today.

When Buying Insurance on the Exchanges, It Helps to Have Help (2013, October 18)
Source: MedicineNet.

Patients say ‘no thanks’ to risky medical treatments. (2009, November 30)
Source: Science Daily.

As health goes awry, doctor-patient relationship more than a nicety. (2009, July 7)
Source: Science Daily.


Risk Perceptions

CAIDe Lab Researcher Brittany Shoots-Reinhard Joins Distracted Driving Task Force (2018, October 9)
Source: OSU College of Arts and Sciences

How Managers can Help Employees Avoid Distracted Driving (2018, June 5)
Source: Three60

Look and See: Motorcycles are Everywhere (2018, May)
Source: American Motorcyclist

Why We Don’t Wear Seat Belts in Cabs (Even Though We Know Better) (2015, November 6)
Source: Yahoo Health.

The Complicated Truth About Children and Drowning: How can something so preventable happen so disturbingly often?(2015, March)
Source: Houstonia.

It’s my belief and I’m sticking to it. (2014, October 23)
Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Asymmetric stupidity. (2014, April 7)
Source: The New York Times.
Note: Response article to the article below.

How Politics Makes Us Stupid. (2014, April 6)
Source: Vox.

The Smarter You Are, The Stupider You Are. (2013, November 1)
Source: National Public Radio.

Politics Makes You Bad At Math? Bias Clouds Analytical Judgment, Study Suggests. (2013, October 10)
Source: Huffington Post.

Political beliefs affect objectivity. (2013, September 24)
Source: Yale Daily News.

Risk school. (2009, October 29)
Source: Nature, 461(29).


Implications of Numeracy Differences in the Population

The Innumerati. Do the Numbers Add Up? (2020, August 5th)

Source: Psychology Today

UO Prof Demonstrates the Misunderstanding and Misuse of Numbers (2020, July 6)

Source: The Jefferson Exchange

The Four Horsemen of Numeric Knowledge Resistance (2019, November 22nd)

Source: Framtidsstudier

Yes, What you Learned in Math Class Adds up to Winning in Real Life (2017, July 13)
Source: Moneyish

More Evidence That Intelligence is Malleable (2015, March 26)
Source: Pacific Standard Magazine.

More school, more challenging assignments add up to higher IQ scores (2015, March 24)
Source: Penn State.

There’s More Than One Way to Be Good at Math (2014, December 11)
Source: Pacific Standard Magazine.

Study: Personal Math Assessment Can Determine Financial Competencies (2014, December 11)
Source: ABC Radio.

It Pays to Think You’re Good at Math, Even If You Aren’t (2014, December 10)
Source: New York Magazine.

It Doesn’t Add Up: People Who Say They Are Good at Math, But Aren’t (2014, December 9)
Source: OSU News.

What’s the Value of a Dollar? It Depends on How You Perceive Numbers. (2014, March 21)
Source: Association for Psychological Science.

Politics Makes Poor Quantitative Skills of Newly Insured May Affect Ability to Manage Medications. (2013, August 9)
Source: American Society for Health Systems Pharmacists.

Numeracy: The educational gift that keeps on giving (2012, February 9)
Source: Association for Psychological Science.

Americans stumble on math of big issues (2012, January 7)
Source: The Wall Street Journal.

The link between education and living longer (2010, September 24)
Source: The Huffington Post.

How schooling leads to good health(2010, September 2)
Source: Association for Psychological Science.

Numbed by the numbers: Tragedies in the news.  (2007, July 17)
Source: National Public Radio.


Climate Change

Depending on how the next president addresses climate change, many people may be wondering if the world will be safe enough to birth little ones. Welcome to The Frontline, where we’re getting personal. (2020, October 22nd)

Source: On Motherhood, Atmos

Why Climate Change Continues to Be a Tough Sell (2017, January 9)
Source: KQED Science

What’s the Best Way to Convince a Climate Change Denier? (2017, January 6)
Source: Science Friday

Webinar: Why We Don’t Believe Science (Presentation at the Byrd Polar Research Center) (2015, April 14)
Source: Great Lakes Climate.

Seeing through another person’s lens (2015, June 3)
Source: Catholic Ecology.

Why we are poles apart on climate change. (2012, August 15)
Source: Nature, 488(7411, pp. 255).

Why science education won’t solve our climate problems. (2012, May)
Source: Mother Jones.

Public apathy over climate change unrelated to science literacy: Study (2012, May 28)
Source: Yale Law School.


Older Adult Decision Making

Why this OSU study is a must-read for providers (2016, July 4)
Source: McKnights

A Good Mood May Boost Seniors’ Brain Power (2013, February 4)
Source: MedicineNet

6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Memory. (2013, May)
Source: O, The Oprah Magazine

NSF Science Now 11.  (2013, April 15)
Source: National Science Foundation Science 360.

The fine line between shared and manipulated medical decisions (2011, November 11)
Source: The Huffington Post.

Sage or just age(2007, September 18)
Source: The Situationist.



The batman shooting: The trouble with acting too fast. (2012, July)
Source: The Daily Beast.

The Euro crisis in ourselves. (2012, June)
Source: Wall Street Journal.

The mechanics of choice. (2012, January)
Source: Association for Psychological Science.

Becoming compassionately numb. (2011, October 1)
Source: The New York Times.

Forget logic; fear appears to have edge. (2008, October 7)
Source: The New York Times.


Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

APA member chairs FDA risk communication advisory committee. (2011, December)
Source: American Psychological Association.


Other Topics

The Power of Decision Making (2020, November 6th)

Source: "The Power of" Podcast, Episode 1

UO Study Finds New Links to Dehumanization of Immigrants (2020, April 23rd)

Source: University of Oregon

How math skills plus confidence equals better judgment on health, money (2019, September 29)

Source: The Washington Post 

Are you listening when we do the numbers? (2016, August 12)
Source: Marketplace.

Views on bias can be biased (2015, October 26)
Source: ScienceNews.

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