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Dr. Dan Chapman


Dr. Dan Chapman is a Research Associate at the University of Oregon, having previously served as the Research Director of the See Change Institute, a research scientist at the Annenberg Public Policy Center (University of Pennsylvania), and a research fellow with the Cultural Cognition Project (Yale Law School). Dan has also served as a research associate for nonprofit organizations including the Frameworks Institute (Washington DC, USA) and Climate Outreach (Oxford, UK). In addition to publishing academic papers in outlets such as Nature Climate Change, Global Environmental Change, and Environmental Communication, Dan has collaborated with research teams on field studies and policy evaluations with organizations including but not limited to the International Energy Agency, the City of Los Angeles (Department of Cultural Affairs), the Nature Conservancy, Calpine Energy Solutions, PBS Newshour, and KQED Science. Dan has collaborated on projects involving data collection and partnerships in the continental U.S. and Alaska, South America (Argentina, Chile), the United Kingdom (England, Wales), several European Union member states (e.g., Ireland, Germany, Spain), and New Zealand.

Dan’s research interests span beyond disciplinary boundaries in the social and natural sciences, seeking to marry theoretical and applied approaches in the domains of risk-related decision making, environmental conservation, disaster resiliency, and science communication. Currently, Dan is especially interested in research projects focusing on conservation decision making (e.g., forestry and fire risk management, household energy reduction), the roles of numeracy, affect, and identity in decision making processes, effective science communication strategies, and stakeholder-engaged research.

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