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Research Assistants


Maya is a junior at the University of Oregon from Salem, Oregon. She is currently pursuing a BFA in Product Design with minors in Multimedia, Global Service and Science Communication. Maya joined this lab because she is interested in learning more about the science behind decision-making, especially related to consumer behavior, as well as effective science communication regarding issues such as climate change. Outside of school, Maya enjoys singing with Divisi A Capella, swimming and illustrating for student-run magazines on campus. 

Eliza Yearbook.jpg

Eliza is a first-year student at the University of Oregon and is in the Clark Honors College. She is pursuing a double-major in Journalism and Biochemistry. Her research interests include science communication related to Covid-19 and climate change.

Maya Merrill

Eliza Lawrence


Jason is a senior at the University of Oregon, double majoring in Psychology and General Social Science with a minor in Public Speaking. His interests include behavioral economics as well as judgment and decision making. Outside of academia, he loves to kiteboard, make pottery, and read.


Chi-An is a junior at University of Oregon from Irvine, California. She is a Psychology major with minors in Criminology and Anthropology. She plans to graduate a year early, and obtain a PhD in Psychology to work in a career related to forensic psychology or criminal rehabilitation in the future. She is interested in researching the influences of childhood trauma and societal behavior on decision-making.


Outside of school, Chi-An enjoys modeling, reading, and gardening.

Jason Elder

Chi-An Lu


Mallory is a junior at the University of Oregon in the Clark Honors College from Bend, Oregon. She is a Biology major with a Chemistry minor on the Pre-Med track. Her research interests involve medical communication and decision making. Outside of school, Mallory enjoys ceramics, baking, and rock-climbing. 

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Grace is a first-year undergraduate at the University of Oregon Clark Honors College. She is majoring in Human Physiology and is on the pre-med track. Her interests include decision-making and medical communication. Outside the CAIDe lab, Grace is interested in volunteering for the local community, reading, and art.

Mallory Mitchell

Grace Gay

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