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CAIDe Lab Alumni


Use this page to learn more about our previous lab members, and if available, where they are at now!

Breann Ford -- Former Post-Doctoral Researcher -- Currently Lead Marketing Analyst for Root Insurance Company

Abigail Evans -- Former Post-Doctoral Researcher -- Currently Research Scientist at Batelle

Dana Chesney -- Former Post-Doctoral Researcher -- Currently Assistant Professor at St. John's University

Tyler McDonald -- Former Graduate Students -- Currently Research Associate at Questrom School of Business at Boston University

David Falco -- Former Graduate Students -- Currently Consultant at Keen Independent Research LLC

Mary Kate Tompkins -- Former Graduate Students -- Currently Senior Consumer Research Analyst at 84.51

Jaime Gilden -- Former Graduate Students -- Currently PhD Student at the Ohio State University

Louise Meilleur -- Former Graduate Students -- Currently Director of Health Surveillance at First Nations Health Authority

Dan Schley -- Former Graduate Students -- Currently Associate Professor at RSM Erasmus University

Aleksandr Sinayev -- Former Graduate Students -- Currently Quantitative User Experience Researcher at Google

Kevin Tiede -- Former Visiting Scholar -- Currently PhD Student at University of Konstanz

Joe Macisco -- Former Research Staff -- Currently PhD Student at the Ohio State University

Former Undergraduate Research Assistants -- Sara Baugher, Yihui Gong, Maggie Hart, Jeremy Huang, Sara Pierce, Joe Reiter, Brielle Robinson, Caroline Rueter, Leayh Abel, Kali Amoah, Shivangi Bhardwaj, Elli Billisits, Kate Caldwell, Quijia Chen, Gillian Davis, Anna Dewan, Colin Gloudemans, Ashley Greivenkamp, Colleen Fazio, Alexis Froning, Caitlin Hand, Olivia Hardtke, Molly Hawkins, Samantha Kassirer, Lindsay Keeran, Lea Lai, Nick Larbes, Kelsey Lewis, Katie Martin, Madison Maskalunas, Tomas Moreno-Vasquez, Niraj Patel, Ariana Quintana, Kara Ruder, Matt Scalia, Elizabeth Seguin, Diandra Showe, Janell, Verdream, David Weiner, Joey Wong, Eliza Lawrence, Mia Lejano, Caitlin Dougherty, Jason Elder.

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